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Manish - Post 3

Overslept by one hour on my last nap. I got up to turn off the alarm and then sat back down on the bed for what I thought would be a one second breather...obviously not. Lesson learned, stay away from the bed, it will get you! I find it odd that I woke up naturally just one hour later considering how little sleep I've been getting. I'm not discouraged. I'm still on track, just a little hiccup.

Freaky! I just poured boiling water on my hand and it didn't hurt

On Happy Lessons

I was just pouring water into my cup for tea. The water was at a full boil. I accidentally poured some on my finger.

I felt the wetness. I felt no pain.

My finger was wet. I could feel it. And I double checked against my other skin several times. Yep. Definitely wet. Not red or swollen. Just wet.


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