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Manish - overslept

Apparently I didn't even set my alarm this time. Although now I've acertained my magic oversleep number is 2 hours. Does this mean I have to start over?...Just say the word, I need a YES or NO from both Neetu and Ty on this one.

Last night I had the most vivid dream yet. I had no idea dreaming could be so intense. I was at school, but it was in front of this DAM that had just blown over. I swear I could feel the water...very intense.

I set my alarm on that dream for only 20 mins. I don't really know why, but for some reason I felt like I had to try that out to see how I'd feel. It was about the same as the standard 30, although the REM time was cut short by the alarm, which went off right in the middle of the intense dreaming.

And having explained what I'm doing here

On secret sea krait

I guess I can get on with boring people with the minutiae of my life. Starting with: I just saw a kingfisher on the river. Which was pretty amazing. I think the last time I saw a kingfisher in real life I was about nine years old.

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