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Neetu- Damn It!

I totally over slept. I hate the morning time. I can never remember anything that happens after my 5 am nap every morning. The time frame from about 5 am till 10 am becomes a total blur. I slept on the sofa. I have no idea what time I woke up or went to sleep. i think that i slept for about 2 hours. No more of that. Just unacceptable. I commit to proper training of my body. If I am going to do this, I'm gonna do it right. Every time that I am seated and begin to feel slightly sleepy, I am going to start dancing around like a monkey.....a delerious monkey. This will totally match how I feel at the moment. Ha ha.

Wake up ritual to be implemented:

Wake Up
Drink Water
Walk Around Outside

Organizing thoughts

On Kicking Thoughts

Since I decided to open my own Karate School, I've been reading articles, collecting information on marketing, training and anything else I've felt would be useful in my future endeavor.

Until today, I was using a draft in my gmail to track most of my links and thoughts. Unfortunately, there was some information lost due to this method, so I was forced to finally get organized.

My Google Drive is now the home of a new file structure for my business! And, I know where I can find the info I lost, so things are good.

I guess I learned my lesson; this time without any great catastrophe. Phew!

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