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How To Pack Everything You Own in a 28L Bag

People keep asking for it and I keep meaning to do it, but then we always seem to be in a rush before leaving a country and we don't have time to video me packing my bag.

Japan was a little different, so we finally got it done. Unfortunately Todd's real video camera is broken now and this was taken on his point and shoot, which cuts off at about 10 minutes.

That means that you'll miss the glory of me repacking that one last thing in there. Actually, after packing I realized that I had forgotten my sandals so I repacked the whole thing anyway.

A Quick One While We're Away

On Cheeky Chunk

Our gang jumped the night-train in Germany and found our way to an enlightened village pub called Das Weiße Pferd. Musicians were packing up. We confronted the bar tender. Musicians slowly resumed playing. Within an hour, arms and legs leaped in the round with public merriment. Shoes on floorboards and voices on ceilings adjoined the chorus. Then the music stopped. The grey-suited policemen marched our gang back to the train.

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