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Polarizing Purchases

A new friend asked me how I save money for travel. I get this question a lot, in different forms: how did I buy a Ducati? How can I afford not to work (people assume that because I don't have a job that I don't work)? How do I travel constantly?

These questions stab at the situation, but don't quite skewer the meat of the issue. A more useful question would be: "How do you manage your finances such that you're able to do whatever you want?"

The reason this question is a lot more meaningful is because it takes into account both sides of the invisible see-saw. People notice the things that I spend money on, but it's easy to ignore the things I don't spend money on. Let's dig into a few:

Details Colleges tend to Leave Out.

On The Mindset

ATTENTION ALL HIGH-SCHOOLERS and current college students - Only 35.1% of college students in North Carolina graduate college in 4 years. However 59.1% of students graduate in 6 years The longer you are in school the more debt you accumulate! The moment you arrive on your college campus storm into your advisers office and get a road map to a 4 year degree! Thats right! Ask your adviser how you can graduate in 4 years and every year check back with them. Do not wait until you are senior to find out you are behind. Remember colleges may be learning institution but they are also businesses. If they can make more money off you....they will. It's up to you to plan ahead now.

May 2015 will make 4 years of college for me. Within these 4 years I have failed 1 class (Accounting ) and I have switched majors twice and I have worked full time all my years of college. With that being said UNCC finally decided to tell me this semester that I was a year behind on graduating. They told me I would be 9 credits (3classes) behind and I needed to take summer classes (1,000$ per class) and stay in school until 2016 (adding a total of 6,000$ to my college debt). I looked at them and firmly said No way! I'm not doing any of those options. Mark my words Brandon J Pierce will be graduating on time despite the odds. BUT I don't want anyone else to go through the hassle I'm going through. Stay on track of your college pathway and leave no room for surprises! Despite the fact that colleges are learning institutions they are still in the money making business which means they will not chase u down to help you graduate in 4 years. Instead they will happily let students continue to graduate in 5 and 6 years.

If you need any help or advice please don't hesitate to contact me!!!

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