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How I Chose Which RV to Buy

One post that people request occasionally is a post about how I go about finding the best of something to buy. It's a bit of an obsession for me, as you may know.

I'll write that post some day, but right now I'm on an airplane so I don't have the necessary internet to get all of the links and such.

Today will be a sneak preview of the steps I took to decide which RV to buy and how I will get the best price on it.

Kickin' it with the Hipster Gypsies

On The High Tech Hobo

So last week, I had the honor of hanging out with a couple of really cool cats, Christian and Aly of the Hipster Gypsies. I met Christian through some RVing related threads on Tynan's site, and have been following their blog for a quite some time now; they both have been living in their 1997 VW Rialta for the better part of a year now, and are currently on a 4 month tour across the United States celebrating their recent engagement...then, they plan to downsize to a backpack and travel across Europe!

While the Gypsies are on their tour, they are filming and releasing episodes on both YouTube as well as their blog. Christian and Aly have a lot of really awesome camera gear, and their production quality is great. The best part? They have a video-editing studio with two monitors in their RV. Gotta love the mobile lifestyle in 2014 — you can be anywhere and still be high-tech! =)

When I heard that the Gypsies were going to be passing through LA on their way to San Diego for the first leg of their trip, I reached out and offered to host them; the timing worked out perfectly as I'm also leaving SoCal to go on my own 6 month voyage a little over a week from now!

We had a ton of fun! Had some adventures, geeked out on RVs, shared realizations from the road...it was time well spent with great company. We had a whole day adventuring through LA, and the Gypsies filmed an episode about it; check it out here on Youtube if you haven't already watched the video above!

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