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RV Questions and Answers

My last post on living in an RV has generated a bunch of questions by comment and by email. Instead of responding to them individually, I'm going to answer them all here.

How long did it take you to outfit the RV with solar power?

Putting solar power into an RV is a simple job, primarily because most things in an RV (everything that I use) runs of 12V DC power instead of standard household 120V AC power.

Adventures in the South with Anna Runs America

On The High Tech Hobo

I just passed through Cuba! No, not the Cuba of Fidel Castro and prohibited Monte Cristo cigars...but the Cuba of the deep south in Louisiana.

Right now I'm sitting in a little Restaurant/Deli called "Larkins", in York, Louisiana; Larkins was the only business that Yelp said was open in the entire town past 8 PM (in fact, it was the only place with any reviews at all, weighing in at a whopping count of ONE review). I'm the only white guy in this entire establishment (let alone the entire town) — yet I haven't felt any judgement or discrimination directed towards me that stereotypes tend to portray as synonymous with the deep south; it's been absolutely no issue at all. Everyone is super nice, people have been friendly and inviting, and I'm having a blast! As I'm sitting here writing this, I'm chowin' down on some tried and true southern cuisine: catfish, hush puppies, and fried okra — and of course washing it down with some refreshing southern sweet tea!

I also just had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Larkin who owns this establishment; he was very welcoming and offered to let us park our RV in his parking lot overnight to grab some rest before we continue onward. He had seen my friend Anna on the news, so we all had a friendly chat and took some pictures before he gave us all some Red Diamond Sweet Tea for the road!

I'm having a hell of an adventure, helping Anna (and her sidekick Robot) with her project "Anna Runs America". Anna is a friend I have from back home in Orange County; I've known her for a couple years, and we've had some crazy adventures such as going to Burning Man together! I've always known her as a strong personality, a talented artist, and an incredible athlete...but the new thing she had brewing was such a challenge I was wondering in the back of my mind if she could really make it!

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