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About a week ago I woke up and got out of the RV, which I've had parked on the same street for the better part of the last five months. To my surprise there was ANOTHER RV in front of mine. It was a lot older, but about the same size.

I went to lunch, and as I returned I saw a man getting into the RV.

"Hi! Welcome to the neighborhood," I said jokingly.

Hunting for my new home

On My Ramblings

That's right, I've finally cut that cord and made a decision. My home will be mobile going forward. The camper is coming and I plan to move into it.

That said though, that was only the first of many decisions. Now I'm trying to figure out what kind of RV fits my needs best. So far it seems that I want something old and dodgy on the outside that's great on the inside.

Unfortunately though that probably means buying something dodgy, period. Then I'll have to do the interior myself afterwards. So what do I mean when I say dodgy looking? Pretty much something along these lines:

So why something dodgy looking when I can buy something much nicer for just a little bit more? It's quite simply really. As a photographer I have quite a bit of money invested in equipment. Cameras, lenses, computer, laptop, etc. All in all it adds up. And unfortunately RVs are considered interesting targets in some parts of Europe as it's pretty easy for a thief to gain access to it. So I'd rather be driving around in something that makes me look like I can barely pay my petrol bill (true in a sense ;) ) rather than in a RV that screams "money here!"

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