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Update: The World is Out to Get Me

Seriously. I may not have mentioned this before, but my life revolves around one thing. Tostadas. Whole foods makes them raw, and they are a flax seed cracker with fake beans, avocado, mixed greens, pico de gallo, and fake sour cream. I love these things with most of my heart. Since discovering them I get one every time I go to Whole Foods, and sometimes I take one home with me even though they get soggy.

Tonight I had myself a nice little night planned out. I was going to drive to Whole Foods to meet Todd for Dinner, come back home, get ready, and go hit SXSW with some friends from San Fran.

As usual I took a lesuirely shower and planned it so that I would have JUST enough time to eat dinner there.

Maintaing your bike properly from the time you fall in love with it - Part 2

On Cycling in the UK

So, hopefully you've read the first post, and now you're back for more of our thoughts on good bicycle maintenance.

We talked about how buying bike upgrades every so often will keep you enthusiastic about your bicycle, learning proper repair techniques will mean you aren't afraid to get your hands dirty and actually enjoy bicycle repair, and the last thing we discussed was how good and little bike maintenance often will reduce the dread of having to carry out maintenance after months of neglect.

So, what's next for cyclists who want to maintain their bikes.

Cycling Clothing

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