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Newsflash : Raw Food Kicked to the Curb!

Yeah, you heard it here first. And only here. I'm done with raw food.

Why, you might ask? The whole reason I was even eating raw in the first place was because it helped with polyphasic sleep. I'm not doing that anymore, so I have to really evaluate the benefits of it. I feel great, but I also felt great when I was eating along the lines of my skinny snob diet. When I was doing that and working out people constantly were telling me that I look better than ever. Now they just cower in fear and throw garbage at me. More to the point - if I have any goal as far as health goes, it's to bulk up a bit (15-20 pounds of lean mass). Eating raw is definitely not helping that. I also want to live forever, but my old diet is very much in line with that as well. So, it's back to regular food for me.

The other benefit is that it's a lot easier to accomodate my diet anywhere I go. Because of raw food I had to stop going to most restaurants that I enjoy, other than my weekly cheat meal. I think I'm doing away with that as well.

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