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How I Chose Which RV to Buy

One post that people request occasionally is a post about how I go about finding the best of something to buy. It's a bit of an obsession for me, as you may know.

I'll write that post some day, but right now I'm on an airplane so I don't have the necessary internet to get all of the links and such.

Today will be a sneak preview of the steps I took to decide which RV to buy and how I will get the best price on it.

DIY Lighting

On Gorilla Tactics

Today I'm going to purchase some equipment for Do It Yourself Lighting to help take video for our upcoming promotional videos.

I've seen a couple videos online for how to make cheap (that's important!) DIY lighting to use for a 3-point lighting setup. Lighting is like the low-hanging fruit in Photography and Videography(?) - it's cheap and if done right can seriously improve the quality of your video. So we will test it out tonight. Expect another update soon.

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