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As I may have mentioned before, I am a huge fan of cruises. Although I haven't gone on one yet this year, I usually go on at least one or two every year. Where the cruise actually goes is wholly unimportant to me. Half the time I sleep through the stops anyway, and just stay on the boat. I just like having no cell phone, having great food available 24/7, and sitting on the back of the boat watching the waves.

It takes a certain type of person to enjoy a cruise. Usually that person is an old person. My friend Jonah and I are the two exceptions. I think we've gone on two cruises together, and each time we were the only people remotely close to our age. So much for meeting the hot ladies pirate-style.

On one such cruise we woke up at our usual time - 3pm. The boat was docked in Mexico, and was leaving at 5:30, meaning that everyone had to be on the boat at 5.

The Academy-Keeping Corolary

On muon Academy

The mission has been making some steady progress recently. But now it's time to start setting the sails to pick up some speed, but to do so, there needs to be a bit of house-keeping. The main place that needs an update is the lists. Now is the time for that academy-keeping.

The lists have rightfully been renamed to: List 1, 2 and 3, where 1 is the new starting level. These have been added to the header bar for quick access. List 1 was blogged here almost a year ago, but it's gotten a little bit hidden now. Even further back, I blogged about a page that Gerard t'Hooft constructed called "how to become a good theoretical physicist". The Gerard t'Hooft Theoretical Physicist Guide is essentially List 2. List 3, well that's the really tricky one. If you need a List 3 now, the Perimeter Institute advertise their syllabus online, this was blogged about in the Perimeter Institute Video Inclusion post. With great lists comes great new links and as the lists catch the wind, links to the relevant blog posts will be added to the lists.

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