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How to Survive Waterboarding

First, a couple blog notes. I haven't been posting as much because my free time has been filled with writing my new book. More info and the cover are in the forums. Also, lots of people have been linking to me recently. I really appreciate it!

Ahem... waterboarding.

For those who don't know, waterboarding is a controversial subject these days. It's an torture method which is used to interrogate suspects and designed to simulate drowning. Supposedly it's so bad that the average marine can only handle it for 15 seconds.

The Water Prayer of Gratitude

On Samovar


Take a moment right now as you’re reading this to contemplate water. Yes, that everyday substance that we use to clean our clothes, and water our lawn, to clean our bodies, and to brew our tea.

Water is life.

Our bodies are made up of mostly water.

The earth is mostly water.

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