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How to Survive Waterboarding

First, a couple blog notes. I haven't been posting as much because my free time has been filled with writing my new book. More info and the cover are in the forums. Also, lots of people have been linking to me recently. I really appreciate it!

Ahem... waterboarding.

For those who don't know, waterboarding is a controversial subject these days. It's an torture method which is used to interrogate suspects and designed to simulate drowning. Supposedly it's so bad that the average marine can only handle it for 15 seconds.

List of 140 Ping Sites for Your WordPress Website

On Zach Browne

Use pinging to inform other sites that you have fresh content and should be indexed. Adding additional ping services increase your site’s exposure and helps get you a little more traffic.

WordPress pings the sites on it’s update list each time a post is published or edited but be careful, pinging excessively can make you look like a spammer, so if you use a big list like the one below, be sure to also download and install cbnet Ping Optimizer to limit the amount of pings that go out. After you install it, go under Settings > cbnet Ping Optimizer and check the box next to 'Limit excessive pinging in short time'. This will allow you to use the list below with a little more confidence.

To edit your list, go to Settings > Writing, and paste them into the text area at the bottom, replacing the url in it already.

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