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How To Get Paid to Go to Las Vegas (Once)

My flight is at 7:25. At 6:30, instead of being at the airport, I'm mashing on the buttons of a video poker machine at The Tropicana, playing $125 hands of video poker. I haven't become a compulsive gambler-- I just found out about a casino loophole worth hundreds of dollars, and I'm trying to cash in before heading back to San Francisco.

The loophole is a promotion that several casinos have implemented to draw in new business. The terms are so favorable to the player that, with correct strategy, it is virtually impossible to lose any significant amount of money, but very easy to win hundreds.

Here's how it works at Cosmo, a new casino on the strip with very straightforward promotion rules: if you lose $100 playing machines, they will refund your $100, which must then be played through once. Most people will play this promotion suboptimally, making the promotion worth only around $20. Many more will succumb to compulsive gambling and lose the $100 refund as well.

The Mentality Behind the Magic Touch, by Derek Sivers


Derek Sivers is holding a one-time class to teach you the "magic touch" in business, with examples, war stories, and lessons you can apply right now to do better by your customers and profit as a result of it -- and all the proceeds will go to charity.

The class will be on February 19th at 5PM California time (8PM East Coast). You can find out more at GiveGetWin by clicking here.

The Mentality Behind the Magic Touch; Derek Sivers interviewed by Chiara Cokieng

Derek Sivers sold CDBaby for $22 million dollars in 2008. In this interview, he explains what he's been doing now, how he's engaged with his new projects, and -- most excitingly for business owners and entrepreneurs -- the mentality behind the "magic touch" he had that made CDBaby so loved by its customers, and a huge part of how it grew so quickly. Here's Derek --

In 2008, when I sold CDBaby, I was about to start a new company immediately. Literally the day after I sold CDBaby, I was ready to start my next company. I incorporated it, I started programming, got a few months into building it, and then realized that if I were to do that, I wouldn’t be making any real change in my life.

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