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Why I Sold My Berkshire Hathaway Stock

I logged into my stock account the other day and realized that contrary to my previous claim/strategy of investing solely in Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway, I had no Berkshire shares left. Time for an update, I reckon.

So what happened? Nothing against Berkshire, for sure. I sold almost all of my shares at a profit, and I still have full faith in the company. But sometimes opportunities come along that are too good to pass up, two of which I'm currently invested in.


Merry Christmas, Roll on 2014

On betternotstop

Its fairly typical for this time of year for blogs to come out with an end of year list / round up / highlights post. I haven’t written on here since October but fuck it - always good to jump on a bandwagon occasionally.

The thing about betternotstop is it is inherently a selfish act, I try and write something that will interest anyone that stumbles across it - it’s all about wanting to be heard - wanting people care about what I think. Anyone thinking Im writing this for your benefit - well I’m sorry, I’m not.

Vice recently posted an article on how to write a think piece (you can read it here) which pretty much sums up lots of blogs - find a popular subject or something to be mad at, try and write something thought provoking and original on it and make sure you post it up before it becomes old news or irrelevant. Sounds pretty easy but of course it isn’t. We are so used to being able to get information straight away (dependent on your 3G signal and data roaming) I sometimes wonder what’s the point in writing an article about something when with a quick google I can find something already researched, written and in the public eye.

Anyway the point I am trying to get to is with the new year approaching I have got to thinking that the only thing I will be writing about on here is what I’m up to - without worrying if the title of my piece is catchy enough or if I have a big enough word count or if the pictures look good enough (I'll try and make the next picture relevant ok?) Slightly more consistency, slightly less thought probably.

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