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Why I Sold My Berkshire Hathaway Stock

I logged into my stock account the other day and realized that contrary to my previous claim/strategy of investing solely in Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway, I had no Berkshire shares left. Time for an update, I reckon.

So what happened? Nothing against Berkshire, for sure. I sold almost all of my shares at a profit, and I still have full faith in the company. But sometimes opportunities come along that are too good to pass up, two of which I'm currently invested in.


How To Enter Flow, AKA "The Zone"

On Cameron Chardukian

Many people claim to be good multitaskers. They believe they can effectively watch television, play on their phone, and do their homework... at the same time. There’s so much wrong with this statement it literally makes me feel uncomfortable just typing it.

Despite common belief the human brain cannot multitask. What you perceive to be multitasking is merely your brain rapidly shifting its attention from one task to another.

So Multitasking Isn’t Productive?

NO. In fact, It couldn’t be farther from being productive. For one you lose a lot of time shifting your attention between each task. Your brain only has so much “Mental RAM,” or working memory.

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