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RV Questions and Answers

My last post on living in an RV has generated a bunch of questions by comment and by email. Instead of responding to them individually, I'm going to answer them all here.

How long did it take you to outfit the RV with solar power?

Putting solar power into an RV is a simple job, primarily because most things in an RV (everything that I use) runs of 12V DC power instead of standard household 120V AC power.

Carpe Diem: Field-dividing wind or "nowaki"

On like an apple

This prompt concerns a strong windstorm that can occur in autumn. I found it hard to get started on this one, I think because cold winds are much more depressing and frightening to me than any other kind of storm. Not fit weather for living things. I decided to go with a memory of the clean up after a very strong windstorm, a tornado, passed near our farm when I was growing up.

the next morning the old tree lay broken in two violated by wind

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