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La Revedere, 2013

I'm always amazed at just how much happens in a year. At the end of each year, grateful for a gimme topic to write about, I sit down to write this post. And each time my first thought is, "Yeah, but not that much happened this year." Then I go through my archive for the year and look at the titles of my posts, and I realize that the previous year's farewell post seems to have been forever ago, and that tons has happened since then.

Some quick highlights of the year:

1. I bought an island with nine great friends. I've already written about this ad naseum, but it's one of those ridiculous life goals that you hope might actually come true, worry that it might be too farfetched, and then is every bit as good as you had hoped when realized. I'm really grateful to all of the people bought in and trusted me to make it happen, and for the sellers who were great to work with. This upcoming year is going to be an exciting one for the island.

2. We made some huge progress on Sett. We opened it up to the public and now have over 4500 blogs hosted, growing at a steady 10% per week. We're still in our infancy, but I'm really proud of the platform we've built, and I'm humbled every day by the great blog posts people host with us. Even if your only interaction with Sett has been reading my blog, you've been a part of the process, and I'm grateful for that.

In the beginning...

On Winning at Losing

Oh Hi!

First blog post, so much pressure!! Where to even begin? I guess I'll give a little info on me and what this blog is starting out as 'cause I'm sure it will change and become something else as time goes on.

So first things first, my name is Lauren, I'm 29 and I live in Ontario, Canada. I am in insurance by day and a celebrity chef by night, ha ha JK :). I actually went to culinary school on scholarship straight out of high school *GASP* 11 years ago!! Why am I not a professional chef you ask? Well, you really have to love it to dedicate your whole life to culinary arts. You're working when almost everyone you know is off of work so it really takes a toll on your social life and that just wouldn't work for me seeing as I'm a social butterfly :) So I had to find something else and went to school for fashion focusing on the business industry and yet I ended up in insurance. Let's just say I'm a Jill of all trades ha ha :)

So this year was a big turning point for me, a lot of things went down at the beginning of this year. I got a promotion at work, I moved into my first home (which I've been waiting for 3 years to be completed) and almost every single one of my friends is either engaged, married, or preggers. I am literally the "last single girl" and that hit me hard. I realized that while I was waiting for my condo to be built I kinda put my life on hold and was just going through the motions. Three years is a LONG time to put your life on hold so now I feel like I'm trying to catch up on lost time. So that means some changes are in order.

I've been overweight for as long as I can remember. When I went into grade 4 I switched schools and that's when the pounds started coming on and it seems like they never stopped. Now being 29 that's 21 years of weight gain so needless to say I'm a big gal. I've always played it off like it's part of my charm and I'm accepting of my appearance, like most people who are overweight. The thing is, I never really think about it much, I guess 'cause I've been this way for as long as I can remember, however I think about it and it starts to bother me when someone else mentions it or a comment is made by a stranger or whatever. I've just recently noticed that I'm turning *GASP AGAIN* 30 this coming June and I'm not as young and resilient as I once was. So now that I have full control over my eating habits and my own time and space to do with what I please I'm starting to take control. The only aspects of my life right now that are concerning me are my weight and my relationship status. However, I think that once I feel better about myself I'll be able to open up to a relationship, you know, as they say "you can't love someone else until you love yourself." So I'm working on the loving myself first.

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