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The Isolation

A couple days ago a guy named Sebastian Marshall wrote an excellent post called, "The Million Dollar Question". It spoke to me in a way that blog posts rarely do, and prompted me to write this post.

In the post, Sebastian is sitting by a train station, watching normal people go by, happily executing their normal lives. "I don't get to have this," he says. That's how I've always felt, too.

There are a great many benefits associated with living an unusual life. Those are fun to talk about because they can be inspiring, amusing, and provide readers with a sort of voyeuristic pleasure. Talking about the hidden downsides isn't much fun, but probably warrants some discussion, at least for the sake of being comprehensive.

Self Discipline vs Going With The Flow

On The Awareness Blog

Ever since I began getting homework in school I've had trouble with having the discipline to do the work.

Here I'm going to outline the 10 beliefs that go along with both mindsets, to help you and me to see clearly the two sets of beliefs, how they feel different, and how one leads to productivity and one leads to procrastination.

Go with the Flow

I call it 'Go with the Flow' because that's how I believe life should work when I feel this way. Notice the word 'should', already this is indicating I am resisting how things actually are, and wanting that they be different.

1. I should find my passion. I'm not enjoying my work because I'm not doing what I love. If I had something I cared about I would love working and I'd be living a fulfilling life.

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