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Bad Check Bounty Hunter

Ok guys, I've been a jerk. I'm free and clear from any sort of job but I work just as much as ever and haven't been writing here often enough. At least the adsense is gone! Now the only ad is my book. I hope that I make up for it here, because I think this is one of my best stories to date. Enjoy:

Austin, Dan, and I go to play pitch and putt golf. Pitch and putt golf is golf for people like me who are bad at golf. You have two clubs: a putter and a wedge, and that's all you need. The holes are short.

We walk up to the counter to rent our clubs and buy some balls and I notice a check taped to the glass counter. It's for $32 and has a note attached to it.

Walking The Path: Where Self-Improvement And Self-Acceptance Meet

On Cameron Chardukian

It’s funny. We watch commercials on TV. We see the team holding the trophy, we see the man with the completely jacked physique, we see the rapper killing it on the mic. But for some reason, we rarely see the processes that go into producing these results.

We’re never shown the team doing repetitive menial drills during practice, we never see the man eating salad while the rest of his friends eat pizza, we never see the endless hours the rapper scribbles rhymes in his basement, but does that make those moments any less relevant?

As a culture we’ve become addicted to setting goals, and producing results. Nothing wrong with that. The problem is we don’t understand goals are only a means to an end.

Pick up artists think it’s the girl that’s going to make them happy. Businessmen think it’s the money. Jugglers think it’s going to be landing a certain trick. They’re all wrong. I was wrong. We’ve all been wrong.

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