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Polyphasic Upgrade / Update

Before I went to Massachusetts, things were peachy. I did 4 days with only one hour of oversleeping. Then during Massachusetts I did rather poorly, but still not too bad. When I got back I was settling back into my polyphasic/gangsta lifestyle, but that got interrupted for my trip to Vegas. And Vegas, surprisingly, wasn't kind to the schedule.

Since then I've been trying to get back on the boat, so to speak. Last night I only overslept by 90 minutes, but I just woke up from a 4 hour (!!!!) oversleep. So now, I confess that I've been keeping something from you, dear reader.

It's true.

Happy One Year Anniversary to the Mars Curiosity Rover!

On The Geek Speak

It seems just like yesterday that I was watching the successful landing of our beloved Curiosity on Mars. Well, it has been a year already. Here's to many more successful years of giving us breakthrough observations from our red neighbor!

Below, I have provided you with a video (not mine!) of a recap of what this curious rover has been up to for the past year!

Twelve months of work...in two minutes!

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