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I Guess I'm a Writer

In a plane, one of my favorite places to be, I filled in the form on the tray table.

If I designed customs forms, I would make them with a crease in the middle so that they could easily fit into a pocket. As is it's a bit of a predicament. I don't want to just hold on to the thing while I get my bag out of the overhead compartment. I might lose it or crumple it.

I don't want to fold it either. That might be a sign that I'm a drug dealer, or at least someone with some contempt for authority. Those bored people in the little glass booths have a lot of power. Deny my extra-long-and-thin piece of paper, and I'm in trouble.

My New Ride

On Sleepless in Durham

Rick built this for me.  He even let me pick the color.  XO Rick.  Do you think it will hold all my photography kit for a cross country photography trip?  :)  I'm not sure of a name for it yet.  He suggested Buzz, but that reminds me of a boy I've known since preschool, and much as I like Buzz, I don't want to ride a bike named after him.  How about Bumble?  Not for bumbling, obviously, as it is a beautiful bike, but I was thinking more like Bumble Bee.   Or just Bee?  That kind of works -- Bee for B.


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