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So, here we are. With a couple hours to go before I'm stuck on a boat with spotty and expensive internet, I've moved everything over to Tynan.net.

This site will be a combination of Better Than Your Boyfriend, Life Nomadic, and even Best in the Land. The posts for these blogs have been imported, and those sites will soon all redirect here.

The forums are still on the old domain, but they have the new look and will be integrated soon enough.

The Beginning

On The Highway Kind

I have had my Sett account for a few months trying to decide what I want to use it for. At best, I believe Sett should be a learning tool for myself. So that's how I will be using it. I have been wanting to grow as a writer and I decided that this community was the best way to grow in that way. I plan to just write about whatever I feel like writing about here. That will mostly include product reviews, streams of thought, fitness lessons, whatever pops into my brain. I have my own more serious blog that focuses on menswear, motorcycles, and music over at The Highway Kind. The things I feel more strongly about will end up there. I may even write something here, then decide that I should move it there. The point is, I don't plan on taking this too seriously, so please follow my cue and do the same.

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