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Tynan's Angels

Ok, guys. I have a good one for you. I should be sleeping right now, but I was hanging out with one of the Angels until 5am, and then for some reason I went back to work after that. Now it's 8am and I can't fall asleep.

So, who are Tynan's Angels? A fine question, my fine feathered friend.

About a month ago I was sitting around bored. My new job (sorry, too tired to find the link.) is cool, but there are no lady-types there. I also miss the pickup business, but have no desire to make another pickup workshop clone. It's been done.

The Beginning

On The Highway Kind

I have had my Sett account for a few months trying to decide what I want to use it for. At best, I believe Sett should be a learning tool for myself. So that's how I will be using it. I have been wanting to grow as a writer and I decided that this community was the best way to grow in that way. I plan to just write about whatever I feel like writing about here. That will mostly include product reviews, streams of thought, fitness lessons, whatever pops into my brain. I have my own more serious blog that focuses on menswear, motorcycles, and music over at The Highway Kind. The things I feel more strongly about will end up there. I may even write something here, then decide that I should move it there. The point is, I don't plan on taking this too seriously, so please follow my cue and do the same.

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