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What's the Point of Being a Minimalist?

Minimalism has been on my mind for a few reasons recently. First, I bought a motorcycle. If minimalism were a religion, I'd probably be excommunicated for having more motorized vehicles than I have pairs of socks (RV, motorcycle, folding scooter, and electric skateboard vs. two pairs of socks). Second, I had a long conversation with Leo Babauta about minimalism, which brought it from the background of my life to a concept actually examined and discussed. And last, Erica twittered a video about minimalism that's clearly a parody, but makes some valid points along the way.

I sat at a poker table for a few hours tonight and got the coldest run of cards I've had since I can remember. I didn't lose a lot, I just sat there and folded everything. All that time that I WASN'T spending outfoxing my opponents and pulling down monster pots was spent thinking about why I became a minimalist, why I've stayed a minimalist, and what the point of it all is.

I became a minimalist on a lark, which, for better or worse, is why I do a lot of things. I bought an RV, thinking I'd take road trips in it, and from that point on I never slept in my condo again, and I started selling everything. Momentum kept pushing me, and before I knew it I didn't own anything that didn't fit in my 28 liter backpack.

How not to get ready

On betternotstop

So giving myself two days in London to sort out my last few bits have possibly resulted in my most unproductive few days ever. Heres how i have got on so far.

1. Woke up and had some tea. Watched some crap reality TV. Wrote a list of things to do. Most important - currency and malaria tablets.

2. Got tube to Oxford Street. Spent 45 minutes in Maplin trying to get a charger for my camera. They didn't have one and suggested getting a new camera.

3. Went to Uniqlo and H&M. Spent an hour looking for chinos then got told by @stylechew that possibly that was as productive as looking for a scarf and glove set to take.

4. Went to McDonald's with my Best Mate. Remembering I had to be in a bikini I got a Diet Coke with my Large meal. Ate it too fast. Felt sick.

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