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Today at lunch a waitress sat down with my friend and I. We go to this particular restaurant often and are chatty, so we're friends enough to sit together during her break, but not enough to make plans outside of the restaurant.

She told us that she was raped in the past.

Now, this wasn't borne from the victim mentality where people have a tragedy in their past that dominates their identity, and thus must be brought to the surface early in every relationship. We were talking about recovering from events like that, and she matter-of-factly brought it up and talked about how she recovered, without once fishing for pity.

The Sea of Intellectual Competence and the Socially Awkward

On The Geek Speak

in·tel·lec·tu·al (ntl-kch-l)adj.


Of or relating to the intellect.

b. Rational rather than emotional.

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