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How am I doing on my Goals?

So back in January, I wrote out my 7 goals for the year. It's been two months, so let's see how I'm doing :

1. Become FULLY polyphasic

I'm close on this one. Many days I go perfectly, sometimes if I have nothing to do I oversleep and then skip some naps during the day. I'm actually pretty satisfied with that, as I'm only sleeping 2.5-4.5 hours per night, I'm never tired, and can always count on being awake early and staying up late. I'll keep pressing to be more consistent, but I'm satisfied with where I am.

Im looking forward to blogging.. SETT your a savior :))

On Charlie Brown

Before Ive tried blogging . I made one at Googles blogger... and I have made around 3-4 posts and Ive even spent some time on it. And guess what Ive only got 1 follower a friend and I even think she didnt bother reading my posts and just signed in because she just saw my blog (lol) shes not much of a reader.

Anyway. Since then ive really doubt the power of blogs and its use. I always wonder how famous bloggers got to where they are now.

When you pour all your thoughts into words and somehow want to make it readable.. then poof no views. notifications or anything . heck, you dont even know if anyone even read or understood or appreciated your post.

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