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The Magical Cure-All Elixir

It's day five of the fifth trip to our island. We don't yet have any sort of permanent structure, so even with cots, sleep isn't perfect. And there's the irregular meal schedule, the hard work, and the lack of good hygiene. All of these factors wear you down a little bit as the days go on.

Today we were all exhausted. We woke up early, but no one made a move to get done the things which needed doing. We punted around through the forest looking for good branches for torches, our latest obsession, but mostly we waited until it was time to leave the island.

We had scheduled a tour at 2:30 at Oak Island, which is just a couple hours away. The tour group was surprisingly large, maybe fifty people or so. We hiked all throughout the island, learning about it and seeing firsthand some of the strange clues pointing towards possible treasure.

As we hiked in the heat on the island, I noticed that I was really lagging. Mentally, I wasn't all there. Physically, I was tired. By the end, the three of us were sitting down while the guide talked. We were the only ones not to stand.

Hawai'i 5'0

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There are places you visit, and places you experience. One of my favorite places to experience is Hawai’i. When I first arrived I could smell the ocean and flowers, feel the calming energy, and giggle at the warm kisses from the sun. This was all while waiting for my luggage at the open airport. At night, the moon smiles down on the shore, satisfied with the melodic sounds of the rhythmic waves. There are early morning showers, great places to watch the stars, endless beaches and so much nature to explore. Below I have listed five of my favorite tips for experiencing Hawai’i.

Top five tips for Hawai’i

5. Sunscreen.

Cue your mother’s voice or a vintage sunscreen commercial. The sun seems to be on steroids here, and since you will find yourself drawn to the beautiful weather and outdoor activities, it is important to protect yourself. Black peeps burn, too. I have the pictures to prove it.

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