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Tynan Island

Somewhere off the coast of Central America is an island. Right now it's uninhabited, besides some monkeys. Long beaches reach from the palm trees to the ocean.

The island is many acres in size, so big that if you were in the middle of the jungle you'd forget that you're even on an island. If you looked out from the hills in the middle you'd remember it instantly.

One day that island will be Tynan Island.

Hawai'i 5'0

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There are places you visit, and places you experience. One of my favorite places to experience is Hawai’i. When I first arrived I could smell the ocean and flowers, feel the calming energy, and giggle at the warm kisses from the sun. This was all while waiting for my luggage at the open airport. At night, the moon smiles down on the shore, satisfied with the melodic sounds of the rhythmic waves. There are early morning showers, great places to watch the stars, endless beaches and so much nature to explore. Below I have listed five of my favorite tips for experiencing Hawai’i.

Top five tips for Hawai’i

5. Sunscreen.

Cue your mother’s voice or a vintage sunscreen commercial. The sun seems to be on steroids here, and since you will find yourself drawn to the beautiful weather and outdoor activities, it is important to protect yourself. Black peeps burn, too. I have the pictures to prove it.

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