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The Best Suitcase, and how I Lost Mine

I used to have a bit of an obsession with Zero Halliburton luggage. Look familiar? That's because bad guys in all the movies use the briefcases to hold their money and bombs. Over the years I kept buying these things, and usually traveled with a huge 26" suitcase as well as a matching computer case.

I still really like my Zero Halliburton suitcases, but they're somewhat unweildy. Two day trips don't require a hectare of packing real estate.

Plus, there was the allure of the carry-on only passenger. I never really understood how it worked before. How do people carry everything in such small suitcases? Is it really that much more convenient? What's so bad about checking bags? I was curious.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

On Military Dad

Next week, one of my wife's best friends is getting married in Arkansas.

Obviously, my wife is incredibly psyched to attend, but since we live in Southern California, it's not exactly a day trip. Therefore, we had to make some decisions as far as who could go and for how long. We balanced factors like ticket expense, taking the kids out of school, me getting time off work, and the fact that I just got home after being gone for most of the year, so I didn't feel like waving goodbye to my entire family again. In the end, we decided on a compromise. My wife and Princess will fly out for the wedding while I take a few days of leave and stay home with Little Dude.

In other words, for a few short days, I'm going to realize my dream of being a stay-at-home dad!

I wouldn't say that this prospect necessarily terrifies me, but it is certainly daunting. Keep in mind that I've only been home for a short bit after being gone since last November. Finding the right utensil in the kitchen is nearly impossible. I'm still likely to walk into the laundry room when I have to use the bathroom. Whenever I pick our son up from pre-school, I still have to reference an old text from my wife because I can't remember the code to get through the door. This should be easier because the code is based off our home phone number, but...I have no idea what our home phone number is.

On the positive side, I'm a relatively resourceful guy, and I'm pretty sure my wife is going to write the entire schedule for the time she's gone on an index card and then staple it to my shirt. The biggest advantage that I have is that Little Dude is actually extremely smart and knows all of this stuff better than I do anyway, so I'll just ask him.

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