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A Busy Week

Wow, that was a really busy week. I'm not used to being busy at all - back in the day I had all the free time I could possibly imagine. Maybe it's about time to revisit polyphasic sleep? Here are some things that made me busy :

Work, of course. I've been waiting for weeks for a company to send us a new computer for our data center that lets me do fancy things. Last week it seemed like every day was going to be the day that it would be ready, so I would just wait all day for it to be set up. Then there would be some problem, and the process would repeat itself the next day. Finally this week it got all set up, so now I have more to do than I have time for. Yes! I love having things to do. It just so happens that this particular task is really fun too.

My car broke AGAIN. I have a 1994 S600, which is known to be one of the hardest (read : most expensive) cars to maintain. The reason is that it's a V12. Since it's basically two V6 engines stuck together, it also has two of a lot of components. Twice as many things to be broken. It also has a hydraulic suspension, which is what broke on mine. Of course this time I didn't take the car to the dealership.

Website Makeover!

On Where Pianos Roam

I spent a good chunk of time yesterday giving my official website a makeover.  Of course, there are still a ton of things I want to do to my site, but all of that will be developed over time.  My website and this blog will be the central hub for all things Gordon Roque.  I'm going to be adding one new thing every week to my online castle, and so, keep checking in .  .  .  .

I've actually been revamping all of my online outlets.   As you can see, this blog got a facelift.  I also did my twitter site yesterday (www.twitter.com/gordonroque).   My Facebook page will undergo some construction next.   There will also be a couple more new additions to my growing online empire, and these will be announced soon. Fortunately for me, I actually enjoy working on graphic and web design.  If I can find a solid and affordable one, I will be investing in a laptop later this year.  If anyone out there has any thoughts or suggestions, please feel free to share. On a very unrelated note, I was thumbing through some old photos, and I found something ridiculously adorable. Check out this shout-out to all the gangstas of the world .  .  . This is a photo of my handsome nephew Tyler and my niece Lai (L-Boogie keepin' it real.  Fo-shizzle my nizzle!!). Speaking of my nephew Tyler, he's just undergone surgery to repair his torn ACLU.  (ACL? ATL?  Oh whatever.  Although, isn't ACLU some kind of civil rights organization?  LOL)  He can't play sports for the next 5 months at least.  This kills me because he's such a great athlete.  I hope he heals 100% so that I can watch him kick some serious a$$ next football season.  At the very least, maybe his body could use a good rest from all the physical activity.  It would be a perfect time for a growth spurt to take place so that he can be big and strong on the field come next August.  I have my fingers crossed. I still have much to do for my Cafe Coco show tomorrow night.  It's going to be so much fun.  I can't wait. Well, I've been putting off a much-needed nap for over an hour now.  It's time to get to it. I challenge anyone who reads this to treat themselves to ice cream today.  Leave a comment and tell me what flavor you had.  Life is too short not to indulge in little bits of sweetness. More to come soon. -g

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