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Six Things I Love About Living in an RV

I was on the phone a couple days ago with my friend Hayden. After hearing about my plan to continue up to San Francisco, he predicted that within a year I would be living "somewhere posh". I doubt it. I really just love living in this RV, and can't imagine circumstances that would make me move out (famous last words). There are certainly upgrades I'd like to do (more solar, more batteries, more water capacity), but for now I have no inclination to move out.

Why do I love it so much? What makes me so willing to give up things like adequate floor space for a trash can? Here are six of my favorite things about living in an RV.

Moving becomes easy. As I skateboarded over to my favorite Ethiopian restaurant (Rahel on Fairfax), I realized that I am basically a Los Angeles resident. Not for tax purposes, of course, but I feel the same as when I lived here a few years ago. Visiting somewhere, complete with sightseeing, hotels, and rental cars, feels different than living somewhere. I may only plan on being here for a few weeks, but I feel like a resident.

Travel Thoughts on California's Pacific Coast Highway

On A Business Odyssey - Nat Bruno

Here are my observations from driving up Route 1 (the Pacific Coast Highway) from San Diego to San Francisco, California.

San Diego (Pacific Beach) - Downtown San Diego was up-dated, hip and cool - the airport is smack-dab in the middle of the city. Airplanes were constantly flying overheard when I was downtown. But I really liked Pacific Beach - there were 30-odd bars in a one-mile radius and great breaks to surf during the day. Pacific Beach is the more upscale, professional cousin of Ocean Beach which is a lot more raw and real. I could definitely see myself spending a month or two here, surfing every morning and hanging out by the beach or at coffee in the afternoon.

Los Angeles Area - I skipped some of Huntington Beach and Long Beach (I have already been here) and stayed in Santa Monica with my buddy, Dustin. I rode down to the Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach (pictured above) and Muscle Beach (great for people watching). It was great to see where Arnold used to train on the beach! Dustin said that people tend to be more laidback and not as stuck up as you would find in Los Angeles. We went out to eat at a vegetarian restaurant and partied that night and I definitely agree with him on his assessment. I had a great time and would definitely like to spend some more time here.

Route 1 Drive North to the Bay Area - I can totally see why celebrities like Santa Barbara and Malibu. Beautiful scenery and secluded homes were the first things that I encountered driving north. I started to encounter fewer cars as I passed San Luis Obispo and Route 1 started to get closer to the Pacific Ocean. I soon lost cell service which was great because a ringing cell phone couldn't disturb me from the awesome vistas and views all along the coast. It was a spectacular drive that I did in 3 days but can easily be spaced out even more to see all of the sights along the way.

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