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VIDEO and CONTEST - Ramit Sethi's Financial Bootcamp

One of the more interesting people I've met since moving to San Francisco is Ramit Sethi, bestselling author and blogger at I Will Teach You to Be Rich.

He takes an out of the box approach towards personal finance that resonates well with me. In particular I like how he focuses on conscious spending and automation. His stuff is extremely practical, to the point of sharing fill-in-the-blank scripts to be used when calling credit card companies and banks.

His advice is practical and immediately applicable, and he focuses on getting people take action and really improve their lives, rather than sit and read about it all day.

Amuse yourself for a bit: free short story collection by yours truly!

On Huan M. Nguyen

Thanks for being a reader of the blog! It's a lot of seriousness and reality over here, but that's not always the case:

I write fiction on the side, and have just finished an ebook collection of short stories. You can download it for free in epub, mobi, and pdf formats at my website.

Hope you enjoy the stories!

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