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Random Notes on Places I've Visited Recently

I haven't been writing travel stories recently, but since I've been through so many different cities in the past month, I figure I should share a few little notes on each, just in case you're heading through one of them soon.


I just can't get into Beijing. It's not a bad city, but it's sprawling, smoggy, and a little bit faceless. This time I stayed in the hutongs (alleys), which was pretty interesting. Forbidden city is really neat, but the park right behind it is at least as interesting. Climb to the top for a great view. The only reasonably healthy restaurant we found was Saveurs de Coree, a Korean restaurant. Everything was pretty pricey, except for the bibimbap set meal that comes with little Korean appetizers, fried tofu with onions, bibimbap, and cinnamon tea. Not perfectly healthy, but the best I came across.


The pleasures of being raped.

On The Life Of An Ordinary Teenager

Now is the time for the big question. What do people think of sex and raping these days? There is this amazing and entertaining show on Netflix, Orange Is The New Black. It is about a woman's prison and their journey. All thought, it is very open about all the factors in life that are for the older audience.

Sex, drugs and all of the above. Sex implies two individuals, women or men, getting close together to make love or simply taking advantage. In this show, these women are pretty much desperate for sex since they're only women stuck together.

I personally think sex is a great thing but obviously there are then teenage matters and the raping. I guess i sort of got raped when i was younger but it lasted five seconds. My brother's best friend, Connor, had an older brother named Keith. One time, my brother was at a hockey practice and i had my little barbies and i was playing down next to the ice rink window. Next to that small area, there was a private bathroom. Keith decided to tell me " Come on! I have to show you something!" I was five at the time so i didn't think something was up. He took me into that private bathroom and locked the door behind him. He forced me to touch him and i wasn't that stupid so, i took my hand out of his pants and pushed him away. I hurried up to unlock the door because he was coming to get me. I got out in time and told my mom but he never got in trouble. His mom didn't believe that he would do something like that.

I guess i'm saying that being careful and aware is important. Older people around you might think they can do something but you must know they can't treat you how they want.

Just be strong and everything will be alright.

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