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The Most Excessive Small RV Ever?

Whenever I pass by a Home Depot in the RV, one thought pops into my mind: are there any projects I can do? I love working on my RV. Since the last update, where I put in maple and marble floors and improved the kitchen, I've done quite a bit more. Following is a list of some of the improvements, along with notes to help you if you decide to do something similar. Check out the video walkthrough first:

Super Classy Kitchen and Countertops

Let me attempt to fend off the inevitable criticism that this upgrade is excessive by saying this: I agree with you. I have a tendency to go overboard when it's only marginally more expensive, especially if it's going to be fun. This is a really good example of this.

Lights Spreadsheet Week 8: Continual Readjustment


The "Lights Spreadsheet" concept is pretty well-covered at this point. This was Week 8. I think you understand the general concept of what's going on here.

I'll definitely keep using this; it's a wonderful control and it promotes good action.

But I ask myself, "Is this still worth covering on the blog weekly? It works, but is it interesting to read about?"

You're welcome to weigh in -- actually, please do comment and let me know if you find these posts worthwhile in particular, I always appreciate more feedback on what people really like -- but my basic thinking is that picking a specific point or two each week would be more fruitful and actionable.

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