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How To Do Everything Right

I actually found this on boingboing.net. I shouldn't even post their name since they're one of the few big aggregating sites that has never run one of my articles. But hey, when they've got a good article, they've got a good article.

They posted This MP3 about how to always do the right thing. It's brilliant. I've actually been wanting to write a post to that effect, but the speaker, Dan Gilbert, did a much better job than I would have.

The essence of the speech is that EV is king. EV is expected value, a term used commonly in the gambling world. I would explain what it is, but if you listen to the lecture you will have a better understanding and then I won't have to type as much.

Videocast_15 | Shooting The Moon!

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On my way back from a dinner with friends I saw this great full moon that was actually closer to the earth than ever. It inspired me and I decided to try to capture this great moment. In this very short video, I'll go over my settings and how I managed to take a decent shot.The Moon. by Fred Ranger Did you also take any pics of this beautiful full moon on may 6th? What setting did you use?


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