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Life Nomadic is far from over, but today I'm in the US, back in Austin. We've been away from Austin for seven months and have circled the globe entirely. We're already planning more trips, but armed with experience, we don't plan on being on the road for such long stretches in the future.

For me the trip was an epic journey, one that I will remember in great detail for the rest of my life. We could have very easily stayed in Austin and had very little change in my life, but we didn't.

Instead we walked on the canal in Panama. We sat with friends under the cherry blossom trees in Tokyo. We looked out from the tallest building in the world in Taipei. We drove ATVs through the dunes of Qatar. In France we walked through rooms of bones in an unauthorized jaunt through the Paris Catacombs. We ran with the bulls in Spain and lived to tell the story.

Achieving Your Goals Quickly By Focusing On The Fundamentals

On Cameron Chardukian

When I was in middle school I had a dream of being an NBA point guard when I grew up. I’d practice basketball an hour or two everyday and I went from being absolutely horrible to being an above average player within a year.

After that year I realized that although I enjoyed shooting and playing 1v1 with my friends I didn’t really like playing full court 5v5 so I gave it up to focus on soccer. I’d been playing soccer since I was in first grade, but I’d never taken it seriously so I when I joined a club team in eighth grade I was the worst player.

By the end of the season, however, I became coach’s favorite option off the bench, and by the next year I made my way into the starting lineup and was even voted captain for a game.

I hung up my cleats for soccer last month, so I could focus on the community here, and juggling, but there was something I was able to learn from basketball and soccer over the last few years. The power of the fundamentals.

While most kids my age were spending all their time on three-pointers, and fadeaways I was developing a mid-range jump shot and ball handling skills. While other kids were practicing scissors and dribbling moves, I was learning how to protect the ball, and developing an uncanny ability to always get the ball to the open man.

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