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Life Nomadic is far from over, but today I'm in the US, back in Austin. We've been away from Austin for seven months and have circled the globe entirely. We're already planning more trips, but armed with experience, we don't plan on being on the road for such long stretches in the future.

For me the trip was an epic journey, one that I will remember in great detail for the rest of my life. We could have very easily stayed in Austin and had very little change in my life, but we didn't.

Instead we walked on the canal in Panama. We sat with friends under the cherry blossom trees in Tokyo. We looked out from the tallest building in the world in Taipei. We drove ATVs through the dunes of Qatar. In France we walked through rooms of bones in an unauthorized jaunt through the Paris Catacombs. We ran with the bulls in Spain and lived to tell the story.

14 Rules for Having A Great Traveling Experience

On Jumping on Entrepreneurship

Between parkour, facilitating for Startup Weekend, and a general desire to explore, I've had a lot of opportunities to travel the world. I’ve traveled solo and with friends, for business and for fun. I’ve traveled with people far more experienced than me, and people who have never left the country.

During my most March-April 2014 trip (Texas, Palestine, Israel, China), I started reflecting on my best travel experiences, my worst travel experiences, and why they turned out that way. The biggest realization I had is that I enjoy traveling with people a lot more than traveling alone. That led me to decided to start organizing a lot more trips with my friends.

One trick to traveling with friends, especially friends you haven’t traveled with before, is to establish expectations. That got me thinking about how what I would want to tell someone before we traveled together.

So, here it is. Zachary Cohn's Top 14 Rules for Traveling Adventures.

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