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Today I drove past a store that sells guns and gold. A gun can be a lot of things, one of which is the most useful thing in the world,given the wrong situation. Gold is about survival, especially now. If the economy collapses further, as many economists predict, gold may be a safe place to keep your money.

The pairing makes sense like chicken and waffles does. Two totally different products that are both used by much of the same demographic.

Across the street was a billboard. I followed the rusty post up to the fresh advertisement at the top. "Niemann Marcus at The Domain! Manolo Blahnik! Gucci!". Against the pink background were giant car sized images of expensive stiletto heels.

Break Fast

On Mike Dariano

I finally bought some clothes. At the beginning of the year I declared "In 2013 I'm not buying books or clothing."

The catalyst for this purchase was a gift certificate that accompanied a race packet from this past weekend. The certificate was disguised in an envelope which said that there were one of four prizes inside, but you had to make a purchase to open it. I headed to Dave's Running in Perrysburg to see what I had won and get some running shorts.

These shorts are nice. I had been running in normal athletic shorts, nothing special about them but also nothing wrong with them. I didn't feel like they added time or increased the effort, but they were nothing anything like these.

This new pair is light and smooth. They make the old pair feel like I was running in a heavy cotton dress more suited for raising barns and churning butter than logging miles.

But I bought something.

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