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I wrote out this entire post before, and then the computer crashed and I lost it all, so I haven't felt like working on it. Finally, I'm biting the bullet and starting over :

Eight O clock bedtime

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Yes my friends the three greatest words in the parents vocabulary... eight O clock bedtime... and this has been a long time coming after dealing with Alaska summer nights where it's not dark until one thirty in the morning... less is more - and that goes for parenting as well - often times when we try to do to much activity and squeeze too much into the day I find that the parents get overextended- tired parents are not good parents...

Picked up Sophia and we headed over to the Homer highschool where a list was hanging on a door with the names of the kids who had made the cut.... the moment of truth... as we walked up she hollered " stop " " i can't do this " ... so we sat down on the curb and waited for the crowds of anxious kindergarteners and moms to thin out before we approached " the list ". She didn't want to have to deal with the dejection in front of some little girl who was hopping around shouting " look mommy i'm a mouse!!!! " There were two lists, one had the names of all the people in the play, the other a breakdown of the roles they got... so it took a second for me to figure it out... there were probably 80 names on each list... but there she was ... sophia black... seahorse... I had to torture her a little bit though, the list was alphabetical so I picked her up and we went through it backwards, from the Z's... midway through I comforted her... there's always next year... but at the bitter end of the list we found sophia black and had ourselves one happy little seven year old.

School spirit week for the big kids... today was fancy dress day, so you know who of course was dressed for the prom.... tomorrow is " hobo day " - and Bernie is all in... went through the halloween gear and has himself looking like a roaddog right off the freight train... even planning to bring a tin cup with him to shake for change as he sits down in the hallway before class starts... The change of schools has gone well for the kids... there are only ten kids to a grade - so it's not big enough to be cliquey - and the kids in general here feel pretty gentle coming from Philly.... some of them eat dried seaweed for snack - it's pretty hard to be intimidated at a school where they're eating seaweed...

Work has been tricky, a couple things I had lined up keep getting pushed back, wanted to finish this pipe-welding course, but I don't like watching the bank account dwindle... I'll be damned if I get busted before Christmas... called up the ironworkers local in Anchorage, talked to the BA ( business agent) and he said things were booming, work out in the bush, up the slope, and just started standing up columns on a power plant in Anchorage... so it looks like daddy might have to head north to chase that money.

As I write Molly is pulling a scone out of the oven - she's always been a great cook- but recently she's raised her baking game to the big times... it's just ain't civilized not to have a piece of pie with your coffee after supper...

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