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Why I Only Travel with Ten Pounds of Stuff

Whether you think I'm a minimalist or maximalist isn't important to me. In some ways I am quite minimalist, but in others I'm the opposite. I have a lot of teaware, for example. Way more than I really need. But when it comes to packing, I don't think there's much debate. I pack very lightly.

My bag currently hovers right at ten pounds. It's actually at ten and a quarter, which is essentially ten, but doesn't allow me to claim single digits, which would be exciting for no good reason at all.

I pack lightly not because I am a minimalist and must conform to some set of ideals, but because packing lightly is objectively a better way to travel. Almost everyone agrees with this, including heavy packers who "should really get rid of some of this stuff."

Packing lightly is better because it enables you to do more, and traveling is fundamentally about doing. If you don't have checked baggage, you can abandon legs of your flight, which gives you more flexibility. If you have only one carry-on, your hands are always free. If your bag is under twenty pounds or so, you probably won't mind carrying it on long walks or even hikes. If your bag is around ten pounds, you barely notice that it's there anymore.

current travel gear setup and progress.

On Ideas in the Making

Taking a note out of tynan's books and my experiences travelling, travelling with less is always more. Having heavy bags, having to find a place where to store thing, and being bogged down is not how I like to travel, and thus I choose to travel very very minimalisitcally, Although I think tynan might be pushing it wanting to go sub-19 liters, but to each their own.

Laptop: Macbook Pro 13'

I love this thing, and now that the price is very competitive compared to other windows laptops in the range there is really no reason not to pay the, now, much smaller premium. before mac book would cost 25%+ than windows laptops in the same range, now the differnece is probably only 10%. For example, that asus zenbook 301ux LA (my current favortie windows laptop, I don't like tynans because the processor is not 4258u or 4558u which means lower wattage, worse built in graphics, and slightly worse performance, although his computer does weigh substantially less and due to lower wattage uses less battery. , so to each their own) costs about the same, give or take 100 dollars ( about 7% of the price) as the mac, except with mac you can run mac osx, and other oses, although the mac does weigh a little bit more, but I like the build a bit better.

Overall with the macbook pro you get a top of the line processor with the best built in graphics for ultrabook use, weighs a measly 3.3 pounds, which is a lot compared to the air and such, but you get a rugged build, and a 2560x1600 display resolution. and you can just bootcamp windows and linux. Overall I really like it, and I don't mind the extra weight because I find the gestures and the mac osx environments so useful on a laptop that I can't see myself going back. and I can just run windows apps within mac osx via parallels, whats not to love?

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