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Living in a Small RV: Electricity

This is a continuation of the Living in a Small RV series. It will be a bit boring for anyone who isn't interested in solar power, but I wanted to write it like this because I had a tough time finding all of this information tied together.

There are two classes of devices in an RV that need electricity, AC and DC. The DC ones run off the battery and these include things like lights, the water pump, the vent fan(s), and anything you can plug into a 12v socket.

The AC ones are primarily the air conditioner and the microwave. They get their power from either plugging the RV in to a campsite or 120v socket at a house or by running the generator.

Would be saboteur becomes unlikely acquaintance: A tale of lost ISK but earned respect

On Pod Born

Alrighty guys, i'm not necessarily a new player (started my first character in november '07), but this character I started a mere 5 months ago (or so). Since I got back into EVE i've been trying to get a stable source of income under me, so I revert to my default money making mode which is missioning, looting, salvaging, and hauling my hard-earned rewards to Amarr once a month.

Now, i'm flying around in mostly Assault Frigates, Destroyers, and might get a cruiser soon, so my ceiling is limited to Level 3's right now. That being said, it takes quite a bit of time to make money, and i'm prone to squeezing every last bit of income out of my loot.

For the past month of doing level 3 missions, I've stored all of that loot in a single cargo container, stockpiling ISK-potential until a time I decide it's fit to clean house and move the cattle to market so to speak. This isn't as easy as loading up the hauler and hitting the bricks though. I run each meta level 3 and 4 item through a reprocessing program to figure out if it's worth more to melt it, or sell as is on the market. A cargo container takes about 4 hours of excel spread sheet tinkering until I get to where I've got a nice load of high efficiency ISK for travel. When it's all said and done I had something like 70 million worth of loot to unload. Not bad, should get me a nice bump to get me up to level 4's faster right?


So here I am, making the familiar journey from Hisoufad---> Youl ---> Amarr, not a worry in the world, and quite tired after my soul crushing data program foray. I jump into Amarr from Ashab, and something on my overview catches my eye. A Catalyst flown by a "Hannah Chase" has a strange color and symbol over it.... something red starred, not blinking.

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