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Understanding How Cameras Work to Improve Your Shots

I've been wanting to write this post for a while, but I've hesitated because I thought that it would only benefit the few of us with high end cameras. But when I finally got my Sanyo VPC-WH1, which is the video version of a point and shoot, I realized how important these concepts are, even on that end of the spectrum.

Like anything, understanding how photography works will make you better at it. This guide is intended for people without photography backgrounds who want to understand how to get the most out of their cameras.

Megapixels Don't Really Matter

A Mutation of the Leica Year - LMMMs

On The Nosy Moth

Of late, it has been bothering me that I have not improved in my photography over the past 3-4 years. It feels like I\'ve been wallowing in mediocrity - not even attempting to better myself. And the other thought rattling around in my brain cage is this: Should I attempt the Leica year?

What is the \"Leica Year" you say? Go here and read the article - an exercise proposed by Mike Johnston of The Online Photographer. In short, it is a commitment of one camera ( a fully manual Leica), one lens and black and white film for one year. One whole year! Maybe someday, I\'ll jump in headfirst...but not right now.

Currently, I am unable to make myself spend the $1.5k in buying a Leica (though you can regain that money by selling this), when earlier this year, I spent a similar amount for my lovely, beautiful and scrumptious Olympus E-P5 with the VF-4 and the 17mm lens. But I really do need to improve, learn to see better and feel better. So here is my mutated Leica Year.

I will use only a Konica Hexanon 50mm AR f1.7 lens, with its Konica AR to M4/3rds adapter on my Oly beauty. Since this is a manual focus lens, with manual aperture controls, I will shoot in Shutter priority Mode only. I will also use only one ISO setting - ISO 1000. I will also shoot in at the native 4:3 aspect ratio and in monochrome only. Also no continuous shooting. Electronic viewfinder allowed. No histograms, guides or any such this. Only the shutter speed display is allowed. No framing on the LCD.

Cheats allowed: Focus Peaking is allowed. Chimping is allowed. Videos in color allowed - but with this lens only.

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