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Why I Took Four Violin Lessons and then Quit

I'm not enough of a productivity champion that I can work for 14 hours straight with no breaks at all. Sometimes I"ll find myself pressed up against some extra tricky problem, and even after taking shots at it from various angles, I can't quite push through. In times like those, it helps to take a break for a few minutes, and then try again.

Old habits die hard. I used to be obsessed with getting deals on stuff. I still am a little bit. One of the best resources for deals is Fatwallet.com, which I still check once every three or four months, down from several times a day. The last time I checked, four months ago or so, I saw a violin for $50. Shipped. Including a bow, extra strings, rosin, and a case.

I bought it, thinking that if I loved playing the violin, I could give that one away and buy a good one, and if not, I could give it away and not buy a good one. Either way, fifty bucks to see if I was interested in playing the violin seemed like a good idea. I should also add that I had been reading a lot of Sherlock Holmes, and Sherlock plays the violin when he's thinking. I was probably influenced by that.

It turned out that I loved playing the violin. Not loved as in drop-everything-and-train-for-the-symphony, but taking a few minutes to bang out twinkle twinkle little star was a good way to relax my mind for a minute before getting back to the task at hand. As I worked, I would leave the violin sitting on my bed. Whenever I needed a break, I'd get up and play for a couple minutes.

My blog is in need of major updating

On in the works of creating me

So it has been a while...

I have been hugely behind on the updating of my blog, 8tracks, Tumblr, and Flickr. Each of these I believe to be truly beneficial and I must say that they have been missed.

However, now that I am finished with my Junior year of high school and am transitioning into summer I'm excited to be more active on such things as well as set some new goals for the next few months.

My Internet Being: I want to get back into a blogging mindset, share my playlists on my 8tracks, upload photos to Flickr, and always be up to date on my article reading (I've actually been pretty good at that lately).

Music: Not only do I want to fulfill my constant thirst for new music, but also write about the artists I like.

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