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I Have So Much to Tell You

Live and direct, here are some updates on my latest drastic changes, as well as my encounter with a deadly rattlesnake. I'm talking specifically about taking a break from polyphasic sleep and giving up the computer, of course.

It's now been a little bit over 48 hours since giving up the computer and taking a break from polyphasic. Both transitions went far better than I expected.

First, giving up the computer was a great idea. In that first 24 hours I got more important stuff done around the house than I had in the past month. I cleaned up where I had a minor flood, began cleaning the kitchen, and moved the last of my stuff out of my office. I also spent time with several of my friends, which made it much easier.

My blog is in need of major updating

On in the works of creating me

So it has been a while...

I have been hugely behind on the updating of my blog, 8tracks, Tumblr, and Flickr. Each of these I believe to be truly beneficial and I must say that they have been missed.

However, now that I am finished with my Junior year of high school and am transitioning into summer I'm excited to be more active on such things as well as set some new goals for the next few months.

My Internet Being: I want to get back into a blogging mindset, share my playlists on my 8tracks, upload photos to Flickr, and always be up to date on my article reading (I've actually been pretty good at that lately).

Music: Not only do I want to fulfill my constant thirst for new music, but also write about the artists I like.

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