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The Open Road II

I've made it up to Maine. The RV has performed perfectly, and we're even getting 13mpg. I was expecting more like 10-11.

Here's what I've done so far:

I hung out in NY with Ross Jeffries and Jlaix, who both just happened to be in town at the same time. While I was there I had some fantastic Ethiopian food (no, it's not sand and ants like you'd guess...) as well as some NY Pizza. To stave off the inevitable comments : yes, I break my diet somewhat when I travel.

Gourmet Compliment Sandwich

On Sense and Sensitivity

There are two kinds of compliment sandwiches.

The one I'm most familiar with has over-the-top butt-kissing exaggerations on both ends, with criticism and passive aggression packed in the middle. We use this compliment sandwich for one of two reasons: we're either afraid that we're going to make someone mad, or we learned it in an interpersonal communication course and really don't give a crap how we make someone feel. Either way, it doesn't really feel genuine. No matter how nice or true the compliments are, the criticism in the middle makes us want to throw up.

The gourmet compliment sandwich is in a league all its own. Why? Because it doesn't just check the other person. It checks YOU, too.

An anecdote:

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