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Here's How You Should Make Money

No one is going to tell you an easy way to make money

In the beginning days of my gambling thing, it was very easy to make money. The system was basically foolproof and anyone with a credit card could make a good yearly income. I wasn't making money through any sort of skill, I was essentially exploiting a loophole. But here's the thing about loopholes: no one is going to tell you how to do them, especially not someone you don't really know personally. Because if too many people find out about a loophole, it closes. So if you want to make "easy money", you're probably going to have to stumble upon it yourself. If someone IS trying to share a loophole with you (especially aggressively, by email) it's probably a scam like a HYIP or a Forex trading scheme.

Most of the people who were gambling like I was now play poker. You can play poker online or in casinos and make six figures a year. But it's not a loophole, so it's okay to tell everyone. The barrier to entry is a few years of exhaustive practice, thousands of dollars to lose while learning, and the ability to sustain that lifestyle while you struggle to break even.

Interesting Links from The NYC Amma Program Guide

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I just got back from spending along weekend with Amma in both NYC and DC. Good Times.Web surfing with the Amma program guide is always real interesting. A whole bunch of like minded people who are into supporting the summer tour advertise in the guide, and the projects that they are a part of are usually pretty cool. Below are some of the sites I particularly liked.

Healing Practitioners, part IAlexia Neonakis, Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda, I like to support anyone who studied with Dr. Lad.Sam Geppi, Vedic Astrologer. I used to listen to Sam's Podcast every day. Shyam, the cosmic healer. This guy has a fun website.Robin Lee, she seems to be an intuitive nutritional counselour. sounds cool.

thats all for now, maybe more tomorrow...

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