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I Am My Own Biggest Fan

OK, it's confession time. I am a HUGE narcissist. I mean, obviously I think I'm the greatest, better than your boyfriend, etc. But at least that is all true beyond any doubt.

What I'm talking about today is different. I am my biggest fan. If I make a new song, I will listen to it for at least 24 hours on repeat. Often times I listen on my computer, then play it in the bathroom while I take a shower. When I'm in front of the mirror I lip sync and dance to my own music, imagining that I am performing it. Then after my shower I listen to it in the car while I drive.

Is this normal? Or at least healthy?

Interesting Links from The NYC Amma Program Guide

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I just got back from spending along weekend with Amma in both NYC and DC. Good Times.Web surfing with the Amma program guide is always real interesting. A whole bunch of like minded people who are into supporting the summer tour advertise in the guide, and the projects that they are a part of are usually pretty cool. Below are some of the sites I particularly liked.

Healing Practitioners, part IAlexia Neonakis, Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda, I like to support anyone who studied with Dr. Lad.Sam Geppi, Vedic Astrologer. I used to listen to Sam's Podcast every day. Shyam, the cosmic healer. This guy has a fun website.Robin Lee, she seems to be an intuitive nutritional counselour. sounds cool.

thats all for now, maybe more tomorrow...

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