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If I Were President

Just for fun, here are all of my political views. I'm not super into politics at all - in fact before Bush started screwing everything up, I had zero interest in them. I definitely haven't done enough research to have definitive stances on most of these things, so take them with a grain of salt.


This is the one I care about the most. Our tax system is extremely screwed up. Did you know that we're one of only TWO countries in the world who tax their citizens if they don't live in the country or make money in the country? If I spend a year traveling the world, making money online, I STILL have to pay taxes in the US (there's a partial exemption that it's possible to qualify for).

Drop Nineteens | National Coma

On The Music Pig

[caption id="attachment_41" align="alignleft" width="80"] 1993[/caption]

For fans that loved Delaware, National Coma is the Drop Nineteen's bastard child, a record neutered of shoegaze brilliance and reduced to pedestrian indie noise pop. That's understandable, since half the band left between records. But National Coma isn't as terrible as some say, although it never does reach the level of Delaware. It's less edgy and more removed from the shimmering shoegaze of previous efforts. The opener "Limp" and its successor "All Swimmers Are Brothers" are real good, but the rest of the tracks run together and never really differentiate themselves.

– 3 pigs out of 5

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