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Managing Time Like Money

I've really been thinking a lot about future vs. present, ever since reading The Time Paradox. Do you live every day like it's your last, do you save everything for the future, or do you find a happy medium?

One of the conclusions that I've come to, which might be blatantly obvious to everyone but me, is that time management should be exactly like money management. It's the same problem: how do you use a finite resource throughout your whole life for maximum benefit?

Thinking of time like money rules out the extreme ends of the spectrum. We all know what it looks like when someone spends every dollar they get as soon as it's dropped into their hands, and none of us envy that person (although some imitate him). Saving everything and never spending any money isn't that great of an idea, either. What's the point of having money if it gets buried next to you?

Wealth, Abundance and Gratitude

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What exactly is wealth?

Would you like a wealthy abundant life? What would that feel like?

What if you felt stressed out and worried about money? What what that feel like?

What's the difference between these two feelings, it's the amount of money you have right? Not necessarily.

Wealth is a feeling. That's it. The reason you imagine feeling gratitude when you imagine being rich is because you imagine appreciating the things in your life. Not because you have the things in your life. But because you appreciate having them.

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