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The Open Road II

I've made it up to Maine. The RV has performed perfectly, and we're even getting 13mpg. I was expecting more like 10-11.

Here's what I've done so far:

I hung out in NY with Ross Jeffries and Jlaix, who both just happened to be in town at the same time. While I was there I had some fantastic Ethiopian food (no, it's not sand and ants like you'd guess...) as well as some NY Pizza. To stave off the inevitable comments : yes, I break my diet somewhat when I travel.

First blog, first post

On Travelling light

There is a lot I want to write down and share during my year in Stanford, so I figured this would be the right time to start my first blog.

I will try to find time to record some interesting things I am learning. Expect subjects to revolve about interpersonal dynamics, intercultural relationships, philosophy and the solar industry.

Copious readings for the organisational behaviour and accounting class tomorrow are waiting for me, so this will be a short first post. As my classmate Aulani Whilhelm would say, Aloha!

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