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Two Weeks in Panama

Boy, what an exciting title!

We've been here for almost two weeks. Living in a new place makes you notice all of the little things. Things that would never be written in a guidebook, because they're too insignificant, but together create the atmosphere you live in.

We haven't had much of a chance to go out and see the sights. We spend most of the day in the living room working. We eat almonds and drink water, and listen to the traffic below us.

It's Friday!!!!!!

On Flowers and Butterflies

TODAY is FRIDAY!!!!!!!! if I am pretty excited, the work week is over and I have 2 days just to sit around and do absolutely nothing.

Christmas is just around the corner and I know that there are going to be a ton of parties this weekend and I will be going to as many as possible. It is time to unwind and just take things easy. Tonight, my best friend Allie, will be having this really cool pre-Christmas 80s retro party. Some people will be dressing up, but I am definitely not in the mood for that. Her parties are usually pretty fun and it is good to hear some music from my childhood, instead of the crap that they play on the radio.

I have my cousin's wedding to attend to tomorrow and that in itself should be pretty interesting. It is out of town and while it is a bit far, it is a good opportunity to see her getting hitched and making a woman of herself. I know I am definitely looking forward to eat and some of that cake, as she has been talking about it all week and the design is absolutely awesome.

Hopefully I can leave the wedding a bit early, as there is another party that they are having at this club in town. This is a party to be seen at and it already have my outfit ready for that day.

Sunday, I am just going to sleep all day. Sleep is important to me (smile), so best believe I am going to be doing as much of it as possible.

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