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The 2010 Travel Gear Post

Now it's time for the one post that everyone's been waiting for. The 2010 Gear Post.

For a quick background: my method is to have very few items, all of which are as small as possible and as awesome as possible. The goal is to have a tiny bag but be prepared for absolutely everything. This year I've gotten closer to that ideal than ever before. You can see my 2009 packing list here to compare.

The Bag: Ortlieb Flight 22

Tie Dyed Shorts by Melissa

On The Constance Chronicles

I decided to try sprucing up some shorts I had in my closet. Living in Korea is temporary so making sure you keep the amount of clothing you have to a reasonable amount is essential for easy packing when it’s time to go back home. I buy most of my stuff at the 1,000 won (one dollar) markets they have in Busan and Seoul. I grabbed three pairs of boring shorts and started a project at 2am.

I used hair ties, silly bands, and random ribbon in my apt to tie off the shorts. I folded them mostly in a fan style.. i wanted to create vertical stripes down the shorts.

I’m left with the gay blair witch project on my floor.

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