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The Most Excessive Small RV Ever?

Whenever I pass by a Home Depot in the RV, one thought pops into my mind: are there any projects I can do? I love working on my RV. Since the last update, where I put in maple and marble floors and improved the kitchen, I've done quite a bit more. Following is a list of some of the improvements, along with notes to help you if you decide to do something similar. Check out the video walkthrough first:

Super Classy Kitchen and Countertops

Let me attempt to fend off the inevitable criticism that this upgrade is excessive by saying this: I agree with you. I have a tendency to go overboard when it's only marginally more expensive, especially if it's going to be fun. This is a really good example of this.

There's a sucking sound coming from my wallet.

On The Anxious Mouse

The pic here is the second wire wrap piece I made, while I was at the swap meet. This cabochon is also turquoise and I bought from Gem World. I have a few more cabs I bought that I will be wrapping, but very soon I hope to be wrapping cabochons I've cut and shaped. I taught myself a new trick for shaping the wire, because this piece only has 3 wires wrapped around it. I went for a minimalist approach on the stone because it is so beautiful without further embellishments. I used a quarter to demonstrate the size.

I was supposed to write last night, but I was so exhausted I could not keep my eyes open. As soon as I finish this post I'll be heading to bed, but I kind of have a bit to talk about, so maybe I'll be done by midnight.

It's been a long time living with my trap, and I've learned a few ways to keep myself on task, one of the problems with my mind is the speed that it works at, if I leave it untethered, the ideas come so fast it's like watching snow on the television. It's pure noise. Sure I can sort it out a little bit, but for the most part it's a deafening roar of sound and images, and one way I've found is to listen to loud music. By drowning out the noise in my head I can focus intently on one thing, and between the music and the task at hand I'm almost completely oblivious to everything around me. It's very Zen for me to focus that way. When I'm alone in a room, I talk to myself, a lot. I cuss a bit, and sometimes hold my breath for a bit when I really concentrate.

During the swap meet on Sunday, my mom wanted me to do a custom wire wrap for someone. At that time I was in the middle of my second wire wrap, and a little distracted, and kinda pissed off that I was getting interrupted from my craft time. I looked at the stone, and I couldn't even begin to think about how to go about wire wrapping it. I was already struggling with the piece I was working with, and I don't multi-task well. I simply turned it down without giving an explanation why, and I didn't feel comfortable giving my reason why right in front of the customer making the request. I'm still learning wire wrapping, and I'd hate to be paid to do something I'm still figuring out how to do. Come to think of it, I have never enjoyed doing custom work in any craft for anyone. It's like gambling for me, it's the same sensation, I only make bets I can win. I guess I'll probably steer clear of doing custom work for people.

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