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A Two Second Favor

EDIT: Thanks guys! He won!

A real post is coming tonight, but in the meantime I have a small favor to ask.

My dad's best friend, Bobby, is a huge Texas Longhorns fan, and he built a giant bus to tailgate. The bus was originally inspired by the bus my friends and I owned, but blows ours away in every respect. It has wood floors, a huge deck with an electric roof, plasma TVs, and even a solar powered security system.

Applying the Sure fire way to lose weight

On Work in Progress

Its official now, my friend has agreed to the bet. He is a sincere and tough fellow who intends to donate the amount to charity if I fail.

Terms and Conditions:

Start date: Aug 15th 2013

Party A agrees to pay an amount of rupees 20,000 to party B in case of failure of the reaching following goal:

Loosing 4 inches of waistline in 2 months

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