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How to Be Happy. Always.

Ok folks... I'm gonna break it down for you Dr. Phil style today, and talk about happiness.

Now, first of all - I don't see why happiness is always priority number one. "Do whatever makes you happy", they say. "Yeah, but is she HAPPY?". Who says this is the holy grail? Personally, I think giving Tynan presents should be the end goal. "Do whatever makes Tynan get more presents" and "Yeah, but is she giving Tynan presents?" both sound pretty sweet to me.

But we live in a world where happiness is number one. They don't ask if happiness makes you money, but if money makes you happy. So, let's get happy.

Pro Dating Tips

On betternotstop

This week I saw that a couple of mates were having a few drinks in West London so I dropped them a message to see if they fancied grabbing a drink before I headed back to Manchester. With an overpriced wine in hand we caught up (not having seen either of them properly for a few months) and after discussing work the conversation turned naturally round to dating.

Now I have accepted that as a woman in my late twenties,most people find it completely acceptable to ask me why I am still single. Despite what most couples seem to think, I don’t spend all my days trawling dating sites looking for someone to have babies with as I don’t want to be the only one left behind. Yes, it would be nice to meet someone I want to spend the rest of my life with, but it would also be nice to meet someone to spend a bit of time with beforehand. In fact it would also be nice to win the lottery, eat a loaf of bread everyday without getting fat and be able to break dance. But we can't have everything can we :)

It does appear though that most of us have completely no idea what to do still when it comes to the opposite sex. Now let me make this nice and simple for all you men and women out there – ten helpful truths to get you through dating and the rest. Now before you start, yes I know I am still single, but I am also not in a loveless marriage or simply just with someone I think is alright. Hear me out and let me know your thoughts.

So I hope that helps a few people. Perhaps I am doing it all wrong but I personally want to be with a bloke who has the guts to make the first move, has manners and makes me laugh until I cry. To really break it down into two really easy rules:

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