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Working out for Wimps

Are you interested in working out, but have no idea how? That's where I was until a year and a half ago. I avoided the gym because I was so clueless about what to do there that I didn't want to make a fool of myself.

Looking information on the internet is almost pointless, because every document out there is for people who know what they're doing. I didn't.

I finally got an idea of what to do when I moved to LA. One of my roommates, Tyler, is considered to be perhaps the most obsessed and analytical pickup artist in the business. I mean that in a good way - for a while he made it his life, and as a result he got to the top faster than anyone else ever has.

Argentina Gym Culture

On The Blog of Damon

Part of my 2013 goals is to achieve the best physical fitness level of my life. After moving from San Francisco to Córdoba and getting settled into my life here, nearly a month had passed since I'd been in the gym. I was getting restless and needed to find un gimnasio.

I did a quick internet search and went about trying to locate a gym that would suit my needs. While touring the gyms in Córdoba I quickly found out where all the US gym equipment from the 1980's went.

The majority of the machines where old and rusty. Some where so old I couldn't decipher how to use them or even which muscles it was supposed to work. And I'm no spring chicken in the gym. Lending to my theory that the gym equipment here is from the US is that all the weights are still in pounds instead of kilograms.

After a couple days of searching I finally found a good gym within walking distance of my apartment that was decently priced and contained all of the equipment I need for a proper workout.

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