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Three New Awesome Pieces of Gear

One of the major advantages of having almost no possessions is that I can spend time to make sure that each thing I own really is the best possible product. I spend hours researching alternatives for just about everything major that I own, hoping to find something good enough to warrant the hassle and expense of replacing an existing piece of gear.

I got pretty lucky this time-- I have three new pieces of gear; two replaced more than one item, and all three cost less than I sold the old ones for.

I've written about my Epson R-D1s rangefinder a few times, and it's responsible for all of the pictures on my Flickr. I thought that I'd never give it up, but there's finally a new camera that is tempting enough to wrestle it out of my hands.

Answers to the "what technology for mobile international traveler lifestyle?" questions


Some great questions from a friend of mine striking off internationally / mobile.

Also, you had some tips for this lifestyle. What are they? My biggest questions are:

1) Receiving phone calls. I imagine there are good (even free) Voice Over IP services that will allow me to

Take my old local calls and transfer them to the Internet; Forward the calls to whatever local number I'm using in whatever country I happen to be; Transfer voice mail and SMS messages to e-mail.

1. Google Voice is good for getting a USA number ported. I don't know about Europe... maybe you can port it to SkypeIn (a nice product), or maybe to Grasshopper if they're working in Europe. Get Google Voice though definitely, it's free and good and does what you want.

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