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Neetu- Never got off the boat.

I am totally on the boat. I just had a little set back. I did sleep for 5 1/2 hours in one stretch, so I am just starting my count over. Tonight will be night #1 again, for bet purposes. That puts night 14 on November 27th. I can handle that.

Manish: No. You don't have to start over according to me. The cut off on oversleeping should be 4 hours. That is half a night's sleep. I decided to start over, cause I woke up feeling so great and rested. So I knew that I totally fucked up the sleep pattern by over sleeping so much.

Reading can be addictive

On Dave's Footsteps

There are some movies we can watch over and over again without every tiring of them. We will remember every line and every scene and still, watch the movie with as much pleasure as if it were the first time. The same can be true of some books too. For me, this is completely true. I pick up a book by a certain author and if I like the writing, I read every single book written by the same author in a frenzy. After I finish reading his books, I am always left with disappointment because there are no more books to come. Then, I start the whole series all over again. I may skip a few lines the second time around; but, I enjoy the book in its entirety all the same. Perhaps, I get a little fixated on the hero of the novel too. I will not apologize for that!

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