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Bet Update

With only one more night to get through before the end of Bet #2, we're both still in it. There have been a few scary times, but mostly we both feel like we've been doing better than ever. When we get back from our holidays, maybe we'll start a new bet.

Steve Pavlina wrote about us in his latest blog entry because we bought him a flat panel monitor to thank him for inspiring us. If you read my old blog, then you probably saw that this is my third attempt to get on the sleep schedule. However, each time I gave up because I felt like it was impossible. Seeing Steve do it gave me the determination to press through the hard part, and now here I am on day 45+.

I'll be going to my grandparents house for Christmas, which will pose a unique set of challenges. Mainly, the others in my family aren't particularly supportive of this decision, so they certainly won't help me wake up. My solution is to pay my little cousins to wake me up. I'll post some updates from there to let you guys know how it goes. As it stands, it's 11:30pm the night before I have a morning flight, and I haven't even started packing. So much time to do everything I need to do... it's fantastic.

Mission #3: The Unprocrastination Week

On LL Change Labs

My first unprocrastination session was incredibly effective.  I strongly resisted doing it right away after I finished reading the message, because I had been planning sleep immediately after reading, and I was tired.  But I realized I could do 10 minutes, and although I had legitimate reasons for not wanting to, I was also running away from it, and it was more important to face things.  So I made my list and then I did 10 minutes on my first item, and I got it completely done which felt fantastic.  It was something I'd been procrastinating on for a long time.  

Things did not go quite so well for the rest of the week.  I didn't do anymore dedicated unprocrastination sessions for the rest of the week.  Mostly because I didn't set a trigger (maybe I would have if I had been prompted to in the article :-)). However, I did have in my mind the items on my unprocrastination list, and I did knock them off pretty well each day during the week.

This was an interesting exercise, but at the same time, it felt like it was taking away from the energy I've been trying to put into my habit. Since starting this change labs thing, I have been trying really hard to do my habit each day (a morning routine), and adding 10 minutes of something as hard as this just felt like way too much to add in as well. I am barely hanging on with the "starting small" stuff! 10 minutes of facing really hard stuff that we've been avoiding is actually not all that small …
Nevertheless, I can see how developing the habit of "unprocrastinating" could really help so many areas of my life, including the art of habit change itself.

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