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Here's How You Should Make Money

No one is going to tell you an easy way to make money

In the beginning days of my gambling thing, it was very easy to make money. The system was basically foolproof and anyone with a credit card could make a good yearly income. I wasn't making money through any sort of skill, I was essentially exploiting a loophole. But here's the thing about loopholes: no one is going to tell you how to do them, especially not someone you don't really know personally. Because if too many people find out about a loophole, it closes. So if you want to make "easy money", you're probably going to have to stumble upon it yourself. If someone IS trying to share a loophole with you (especially aggressively, by email) it's probably a scam like a HYIP or a Forex trading scheme.

Most of the people who were gambling like I was now play poker. You can play poker online or in casinos and make six figures a year. But it's not a loophole, so it's okay to tell everyone. The barrier to entry is a few years of exhaustive practice, thousands of dollars to lose while learning, and the ability to sustain that lifestyle while you struggle to break even.

Writing down various plans of decluttering attack, nothing to see here!

On Participating in Change Labs

So I think I've been having a positive influence on Jeremy and my family as this weekend he cleaned out four (yes, you read that correctly FOUR) full boxes of DVDs. We went to Dixons Recycled on Brunswick St in Fitzroy and took them everything to have a look at and potentially buy. They bought a few things, gave us $125 and then we took the rest to the op shop. Some kid is going to be super happy to find the complete box set of the transformers cartoon series in Savers Mill Park!

We also visited my Mum's house. I've been helping her declutter her garage and we picked up the last of my boxes from my childhood bits and pieces and helped her move some furniture.

I spent this afternoon unpacking things I thought were important merely a couple of weeks ago and re-evaluated quite a lot of things and many books have joined the books to the second hand book store pile. I've got 2 stores I can take them to - one near my old work in Carlton and why near my house. I have my last shift ever at Carlton on Tuesday, so I'm going to go to the book shop after that to see what they'll buy, then take the rest to the one near my house. Hopefully I get some good money for all the bits and pieces.

I've spent a bit of time thinking about the sunk cost fallacy recently. I used to be so into collections. I had over 2,000 CDs, about the same in DVDs, and about 1,500 books. I had 3 7 x 4 bookcases double stacked with books.... Many I had never read, but I kept because I thought that I couldn't get rid of them if I hadn't read them yet OR if I'm totally honest, I thought they might make me look cool.

Honestly. What a pretentious shit I could be!

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