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The 2010 Travel Gear Post

Now it's time for the one post that everyone's been waiting for. The 2010 Gear Post.

For a quick background: my method is to have very few items, all of which are as small as possible and as awesome as possible. The goal is to have a tiny bag but be prepared for absolutely everything. This year I've gotten closer to that ideal than ever before. You can see my 2009 packing list here to compare.

The Bag: Ortlieb Flight 22

Stuff we don't need

On Stuff in a Notebook

I'm moving out of my room that I've been in for eight years. Moving means packing, and packing means going through all of the stuff that I have and deciding what I want to keep, and what I want to get rid of. As I'm going through this stuff, I'm wondering why I've kept some of it for so long.

I'm a sentimental person, but traveling has made me realize how little I really need to survive. After all, the things that truly matter - love, happiness, music, travel, people, adventure, memories - aren't materialistic.

So (excuse my language) why the hell do I have all of this shit? Why do I have ten pairs of socks I haven't worn in years when someone else could be making good use out of them? Why do I have a watch that I got when I was six years old, a baseball I found during band practice (I don't even play baseball!), and a beanie I used to love but haven't worn in three years? Why on earth did I keep a report I wrote in high school that I'm never going to read again, a cheap plastic yo-yo, and six decks of cards?

I'm finding that I've held on to things I don't need or use or even think about anymore. So as I got through my stuff I'm trying to keep only the things I know I'll use or enjoy on a regular basis. So far all I'm keeping are clothes, photos (the ones that mean something), a few books, a music stand, some dvds, my notebooks, my travel maps, and a few posters for my dorm room. Everything else is going.

My new goal is to get rid of these things on a regular basis, so that I'm never keeping more than I need. The most important things are not things at all.

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