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Living in an RV : Day 10

I've lived in my RV for 10 days now. I have only gone back to the condo to get clothes, and to sleep one night (basically I picked a loud parking spot that was 10 feet from the condo and it was 5am so I just went inside instead of driving to a quiet spot). A lot of things have panned out as expected, but there have also been some big surprises.

I could go on and on, but you probably get the idea. I totally love living in this RV. It's a great feeling to drive over to my mom's house and have her say "Oh, you didn't happen to bring those tickets, did you?" and to just be able to walk into my house and get them.

My parents are really into the RV thing, which is funny. They're always a bit skeptical about my schemes. My dad helped me take out the CRT TV and the Microwave which I replaced with a flat panel and a flash bake oven. My mom made me nice curtains. I'm trying hard to resist the urge to totally trick out the RV. The carpet smells a bit musty so I might put in granite tile or bamboo floors. I think that would be neat.

Regarding Sarah Palin . . .

On Where Pianos Roam

Okay.  So after I did my weekly "Early on a Sunday Morning" post earlier today, which, this week, was just a rumination about the current presidential election race, I decided to take some time to get better acquainted with Sarah Palin--Senator McCain's celebrated choice as his Vice-Presidential running mate. I logged on to youtube and typed "Sarah Palin" with an open mind thinking I'll at least just be able to gather up more facts about where she stands and her political experience. Well, the first thing that popped up was this .  .  . [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8__aXxXPVc] Honestly, I was appalled.  In that interview with Katie Couric, she displayed an utter lack of coherence.  WTF?  It's not as if Katie was aggressively interrogating and bullying her.  She just asked some very basic questions.  Nothing distinct, or even anything that makes sense, came out of her mouth.   I later watched her interview with Charles Gibson and found much of the same. I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I am honestly just appalled.  At this point, she does not display the wherewithal and does not appear to have the knowledge base to know what to do if she were ever President of the United States. Mind you, I am not a political analyst or some learned expert on governance.  I'm just trying to make sense of everything and understand these candidates as well as possible. I also came across a very interesting letter from a housewife and resident of the town that Palin used to be mayor of.  You can read the letter by clicking HERE. Finally, last night Saturday Night Live opened it's show with a parody of the above-mentioned Katie Couric interview with Sarah Palin.  It is utterly hilarious.  The scary thing is that it seemed more like a reenactment than a parody.  Amy Poehler as Katie Couric was understated and purely brilliant.  Tina Fey is dead-on as Sarah Palin.  To watch this, click HERE. All I can say now is that I CANNOT wait to see the debate between Governor Palin and Senator Joe Biden, Obama's running mate, this coming week.  It will be quite a spectacle. For now, Sarah Palin actually makes me cringe.  I can't get myself to watch an entire interview with her. I just start to feel embarrassed for her.  Would it be a crime if she were to just say, "I don't know."?  In the interview with ABC's Charles Gibson, he asked her to share her thoughts on the Bush doctrine.  It was clear that she did not know what that was, but she just kept going and going and going.  Digging a deeper, abysmal hole for herself. Again, I am appalled and still cringing.  I am hoping for a better future for us all then what this displays. -g PS--I generally like to keep my political thoughts private, but well, these are just things I feel I need to share.  Our lives and our country will be under the care of these people.  We owe it to ourselves to at least be informed.  I encourage you to do your own research, ask your own questions, be discerning.  If you disagree with what I say, then power to you.  Just know that our lives and the lives of our children (my adorable nephews and niece included) will be affected.  Be vigilant, seriously.

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